Monday, July 4, 2011

A different kind of independence day...

I can't begin to relate how special my time here in Tulum has been. As I sit here I watch different lives unfold. The table of women enjoying their morning brunch, in front of a beautiful ocean after a 2 hour yoga class. The smiles on their faces, the joy in their hearts. For these women stepping away from their crazy lives in whatever city they've come from and focusing on themselves for a week is a huge deal. To be a part of that, to be considered as a facilitator to that is joyfully overwhelming.

I watch these women, most of whom never knew each other before 3 days ago, form friendships that many of us long to find. When we allow ourselves to step back from all the day to day ruckus, allow ourselves to withdraw from all the bullshit and be open...these bonds flourish. We let ourselves be ourselves. We get sweaty together, see each other without makeup, hear the stories and drama and still the person sitting across from you sees your beauty unwaveringly. It's honest and sincere.

As I go home I hope to take this with me. Being honest to myself, being my true self so that I can deliver that to those who surround me. I wouldn't want to give anything but my true self to those that I love, it's what they deserve and it's what I deserve. It's liberating, freeing and provides a kind of independence that nothing else can give you.

I've got all kinds of goodness coming once I get back to the states that I can't wait to share with you! Keep shining beauties and stay true to you. Always.

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