Friday, March 11, 2011


Bartendress extraordinaire gives up amazing life to become a traveling yogi in Mexico. Shirking off all adult responsibilities and absconding friends and family she finds herself in paradise. Paradise? We'll see how this little country bumpkin, workaholic fares in the amazing jungles of Mexico!!! So on and so forth it goes. It has been interesting getting here. Only took me two years....or two weeks depending on how you look at it. Two years from the first time that little seed was planted about attempting to make a little life here and two weeks since I was here last on vacation, offered two opportunities for rooming and board in exchange for teaching, and took them without hesitation.

Yep, two weeks ago. I absconded. Left behind 3 amazing jobs, wonderful roommates, family, friends, and a lover. All to teach yoga in this little town along the Mayan Riviera. I flew home two weeks ago with a laundry list of things to do...quit jobs, make as much money as possible, sell my camper van, transfer bills, rent my room, and pack. Oh the packing!!! I hurriedly searched for more yoga clothes about my home, knew I had buy copious amounts of underwear, and figure out how to fit 50 tampons into my suitcase. You see, the underwear purchasing situation down here is fairly non-existent. It's at least an hour drive to any store where I could buy something and having spoiled myself on American Apparel undies and fancy french silk things makes the all cotton, full coverage options they have here less appealing. I won't even get into the tampon thing. Not on here anyhow.

So, here it goes kiddos. My little adventure. I'm curious to see where it takes me, who it puts in my path and how it shapes my life. The very first entry in my book of daily Taoist meditations talks about Beginning. We are always beginning something, even if we are unaware of it. Beginning a new job or task, new friendship, new day, new breath.

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