Saturday, March 19, 2011

Like whoa...

Week one (and almost two) down!!! What an amazing experience this has been so far. It feels like everything I've learned in these past 31 years has been for this. We've been talking a lot this past week about intention and letting go. It's interesting that when you start talking about these things with your students how much it effects you, how much you also start delving into these ideas. Sometimes it's hard to separate yourself and continue to be the teacher when this happens but sometimes that's okay. I think it's good for your students to see you as a real person that deals with the the same emotional obstacles they face. It allows a space for you to share your own experiences in a way your students can relate.

We have had some extraordinary people pass through these doors the past two weeks: a gold miner, traveling yoga goddess, stay at home mamas, bankers, photographers, and a singer or two. One of these amazing humans did an interview with me about yoga and the like. She's been traveling around doing these little one on ones with yoga teachers for awhile now and I feel absolutely honored to be included. She is rad, I love her and what she is doing in this world so please check out her website. She's trying to figure out the process of getting youtube to select another cell since you know...I generally tend to have a smile on my face :) And yes, that beautiful scenery is my front yard. We happen to be sitting right outside our beachfront yoga palapa. Not to shabby right? Let me know how it is since I can't seem to watch it with as slow as the internet is around these parts. Hugs and love to all of you. xo ks

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