Monday, April 4, 2011

no envy, no fear...

Another group leaves :(

I've said it before, each group is so different and the connection made is unique to the the each. The collective touches you deeply as do the individuals. I've had the chance to make special connections with so many people this past month and it's always hard when they leave. Each person touches the heart in a different manner, inspires something inside of me. Whether it's to be a better teacher, listener or all around better human, every person I encounter here drives me to look inside and be more (and sometimes less).

On a completely unrelated note, I just started a ping account on itunes and will be putting playlists up there. Here is the first one! Just click on the link below the playlist to link to my ping. You can keep up with new playlists on this blog or follow me on itunes. Either way it would be great to have your feedback about songs you like (and don't) to yoga to!


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