Thursday, April 14, 2011

Playa del Carmen...

Due to an insane craving for peanut butter and the inability to find such a thing in Tulum I spent the second day off I've had since arriving in Mexico in Playa del Carmen. Yep, an hour and a half on a bus to get peanut butter. Playa used to be a quiet little beach town on the highway heading south from Cancun. Not so much anymore. Restaurant after restaurant, pushy sales people peddling the same blankets, scarves, sombreros, steaks, lobsters and massages as all the others, dance clubs next to one another so that as you walk down the street your ears and organs are filled with the thump thump and whoop whoop of 5 different techno songs converging into one seemingly discordant yet beautifully crafted score of beats.

All in all the experience was, at best mediocre. Found a great little place to sleep with a balcony overlooking the main drag through Playa. There was some question as to the legitimacy of the place while standing at the reception desk which doubled as the cash register of a cd store around the corner and down the block from the actual room, but everything worked out fine and Pedro and Aldo said they'd give us a deal next time. Unfortunately I don't think I'll make a point to get back to Playa anytime soon. Give me a sleepy beach town like Bacalar any day over the insincerity and exploitative qualities of Playa. If I want to party party party I'll head to Ibiza. However, the beach was beautiful and in the end I got some peanut butter, crema de avenella, natural yogurt, and a sports bra. Success!!!

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